In the pastures of Tramal Dameun (“upper pastures”, at 2390 m) of Alpe Promindoz there is a glass crystal and metal chapel, built in 1994.
In the pastures of Tramal Dameun (upper pastures) at the height of 2390 m on Alpe Promindoz, there is a lead crystal glass and metal chapel, built in 1994 by the Bich family, facing both the Matterhorn and the Grandes Murailles. Although equipped with a micro-bell tower, it is too small to hold anyone, it has a simple clear construction, and clearly a symbolic structure that lifts the gaze well above the Gran Becca(Matterhorn), up to the heights of the holy spirit, and that transforms meadows, ridges and heaven into the most solemn of cathedrals. On July 26th every year, when a group of worshippers, sit on the grass in front of the chapel, sing and pray at the mass of the patronal feast. The chapel, in fact, was blessed in 1996 with the title of Nostra Signora della Guardia and Sant’Anna, celebrated on 26th July.  On 19th July of the Jubilee Year 2000, this special place was chosen for a day of rest and contemplation by Pope John Paul II, who left his signature in the visitors book for pilgrims. The Bich family had him as a guest. The words of the opening speech of Pope John Paul 11 can be read through the windows of the chapel:
“Do not be afraid! Open, indeed, open wide the doors to Christ! “
 Looking up, the horizon opens up in grandeur and the journey made to get there takes on the flavour of life, a tiring and demanding but a possible climb, with your inner self. In 2014, as soon as John Paul II was canonised, his name was added to the title of the chapel and his statue was placed next to that of the Virgin Mary to whom the pontiff had given his rosary and his blessing. The path to reach the Chapel of Sant’Anna is number 18 which starts from the Aided area of Perrères, you also pass the Chapel along the Sentier J.A. Carrel.
 This route is estimated at 2 hours walking , it is a non-demanding walk and also suitable for children. The “Cappella San’Anna Notre Dame De La Garde” can also be reached from Valtournenche, starting from Salette ( the destination of the Valtournenche gondola) taking paths “107” and then “65” (JA Carrel), or from Breuil-Cervinia, Cielo Alto, using the new layout of path “17” (starting from the old Bobsleigh track) which leads to path “18”. Both these alternatives take about an hour of undemanding walking.