Traditional Carnival with historic characters

Thursday 8th of February

H. 17:00 Arrival of the Landzette and dance on the central Via Carrel

H. 21:00 Departure of the Historical Carnival Parade from the church to Campetto Cretaz, passing through the central street.

H. 21:15 Le Landzette e Lou Tintamaro di Cogne await Conti di Challand

H. 21:30 Descent of children and Ski Club members, then telemark skiers escort Dama Bianca and Gargantua

H. 22:00 Lino’s Bar music and sweets offered by Associazione Commercianti

H. 22:30 Rouge et Noir Dance at Ristorante MON AMOUR

Monday 12th of February

Gala Dance at Castello di Verres

H. 18:30 departure from the church to Verres

Saturday 17th February

H. 16:30 Landzette di Doues on Via Carrel

H. 17:30 Departure of the Carnival procession with Conti di Challand, Dama Bianca and Gargantua

Parade on the central street, rendez-vous at Lino’s after ski music and sweet offered by Associazione Commercianti

H. 21:00 Special Silent Party with three coloured dj set